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Initially just a remodeling of the company's website, it turned into a rebranding of the office itself.

The Product


Adentis Portugal, a technology and consulting company with offices in Porto and Lisbon. With only 8 years of existence but with more than 250 employees and a turnover above the average of companies in the field.


The need was to redesign the website, to demonstrate their expertise in the technology sector and show the value of the qualified human capital they are able to attract.

The Market


Our starting point was to explore and define a theme that we could express the face of Adentis PT, a young but serious company that faces challenges, conquers them and goes after the next ones, always looking for bigger mountains.

This is how we came up with the concept of people facing the mountains, one playing the role of our consultants and the challenges they are ready to face.


After defining our concept and archetype, we defined the personas and set out to evaluate the information on the current site and redefine the information architecture.

With the client's directions, we designed a UI proposal in Figma and refined it with the client.


After approval of the designs, we started the development of the front-end completely done by Webflow. In real time, the client can see the website taking shape, also interact and change the information, thus defining the final content.

The Results


With only 1 design professional, it was possible to develop the entire project cycle, from design to launch, thus greatly reducing the costs of other professionals such as front-end and developer, reflecting on the cost of the final product for the client.


The website gave a new look to the company, which was reflected in its social networks, and even in the office arts.

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