Silhouette of a man that perceives a mysterious and encrypted message, that needs to be decode to decipher the message.


We deliver sucess

On Demand


Through Outsourcing, we add a set of necessary skills to our partners' teams, increasing existing their strategic skills.

For us, outsourcing is all about securing and maintaining a trusted relationship with our partners, providing them with the technical solution for their projects, allowing at the same time to improve their efficiency and to gain speed and flexibility.


Team Extension Model

We provide our partners with the ideal team of specialists, ready to fully integrate their projects, allowing for their rapid scalability and providing the necessary agility that will grant the development of the project in the more cost-effective way possible.

Simply put, we take care of everything that a project demands, from the human capital to the concerns regarding environments, issue tracking, project management, etc., so that our partners can properly focus on their business and its values, while maintaining granular-level input and control over the final product.

We escape routine and accept open-hearted challenges because we know they help us be better - We do not accommodate in our comfort zone. 

Whether Developers, Business Analysts or Designers, our Decoders proudly “wear the shirt” and deliver the best of them. They guarantee attention to detail and agility in the work.

Software Development

Create a winning business strategy by redefining workflows:

  • Viability
  • Outcome


Generate the greatest possible value and impact for the business by focusing on:

  • User Experience
  • Data Analysis

Digital Experiences

Create mockups and visual interfaces, designed around the components:

  • User Interface
  • Atomic Design

Low-code Solutions

Implement solutions using the latest technologies:

  • Webflow,
  • OutSystem, AppGyver

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Dedicated Development Team

A well-defined collaboration model, in which we provide a team of professionals exclusively dedicated to the development of the project. We take responsibility for designing, developing, and delivering the result, completely ready for use.

We start by using the Service Design philosophy to create complete end-to-end experiences. Together with our customers, we go through the entire process, starting with talking to users to pinpoint issues or bottlenecks and ending with testing the solution with them.

After closing the scope, the project can be developed by the team best prepared to do so, optimizing costs and time. We use an agile framework, which allows our customers to have a seamless view of the continuously growth of the project, while being able to actively participate and give inputs within project scope, in order to achieve the best end result.

We risk it. We innovate. We find solutions. We do it differently.
As we believe. As we know it is better


The net of service design where Decode works and gives 4 points that Decode works around.
Business Strategy
and innovation
Decode in the
center of business
Focus on Human
Computer interaction
Business overview
through data strategy