5-6 months
Low-code Solutions


A fully responsive website for our partner XBC4IT.

The Product


XBC4IT is an IT consultant company in Brazil, São Paulo and they are one of our partners. With 2 years they are growing their team and trying to get in touch with other markets in Europe.


They talked to us about revamping their website and have a fresh site, so that they could have a more professional approach to potential clients.

The Market


They wanted a new website that would have all their information and at the same time they wanted a clean and simple design with some animations in certaint elements.


As our partners they put their trust in us on the design part. We kept their requirements clean and simple, so we approach that way. We thought on what elements we could be animated and we came up with circular texts and some shapes always in constant moving.


The development was made in Webflow where our designers could the this part too. Since the beginning of the design they already knew that they were developing too, so when they were designing they already knew what they needed to do on the developing side.

The Results


Webflow made the process easier while the people who designed it can developing it, so in terms of time and cost, we can get a low cost and deliver it fast.


They now have a new website with what they wanted, giving them a a fresh look for potential clients that they want to attract.

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