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A platform made in-house as a time-saver tool for business, recruitment, reporting and management: merge and match candidates with business needs, control business processes, customize to adapt to each company, and much more.

The Product


This product was made by us! Decode has been operating in Portugal since 2019. We are part of the MoOngy universe, a multinational group, present in several European countries and with +20 associated brands in the most diverse sectors.


The challenge that we faced in this project was, how can we facilitate the work of managers, make them more agile and organized? We started to talk with them to know how we can help them achieve this.

The Market


A flexible system designed to make it easy to adapt to business changes.


We focused on the user experience, ensuring that all workflows are intuitive and attractive, with a clean and uniform user interface, using well-known UI patterns to reduce the learning curve.


Leveraging the latest development technologies and architectures, deploying modules as microservices in the cloud, leveraging modularity and distribution.

The Results


Since this product was made by us, we could evaluate the cost and manage the effort of our collaborators so that we could make a quality and usable product.


Intuitive and flexible, Up4Biz is a tool that allows all stakeholders to have a 360º view of their business, centralize information and standardize processes.

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