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UX/UI Design, Software Development, Data Strategy


1 year


A platform made in-house as a time-saver tool for business, recruitment, reporting and management: merge and match candidates with business needs, control business processes, customize to adapt to each company, and much more. Intuitive and flexible, Up4Biz is a tool that allow all stakeholders to have a 360º view of their business, centralize information and standardize processes.

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Our Approach

A flexible system designed to facilitate adaptation to business changes. Focus in the user experience, ensuring all workflows are intuitive and appealing, with a clean and uniform user interface, using well known UI patterns to reduce the learning curve. Taking advantage of the most recent development technologies and architectures, deploying modules as microservices in the cloud, taking advantage of modularity and distribution.

Their Vision

So many processes, so much information scatered everywhere and in different formats, created and edited with so many tools. Up4Biz brings everyone and everything to the same system, same formats, language and tools - whatever needs to be done, there is no doubt where, how, when and who.

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