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Cantinho da Tia Chalupa

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Cantinho da Tia Chalupa is an e-commerce platform for ordering cakes, snacks, sweets and meals online.

The Product


Is a restaurant that is also a family business that got affected with the arrival of COVID-19. This was a tough time not only for restaurants, but since they were close for a long time it was getting very difficult for them.


We have a program called Decode ON where we help small businesses to enter in the digital world. Our approach was create a web platform so that would receive orders through it and they could deliver them with ease.

The Market


We were responsible of the design and the development of this project. We started by get to know the business and what can we add of value to it. As we went through meetings with the business owner, we understood what we could and what was our objective to help them.


After getting our feedback from the business owner, we started defining the personas and evaluate the information that we brought to this web platform. We designed our UI proposal with Figma and the client always had the final word as we went through the project.


When the client approved the design, we started the developing process. The development was done using sprints where the Product Manager can track what was done each week.

The Results


As we have this program called Decode ON we don’t charge the client anything. We help them achieve the digital transformation to help their business grow. We do this program one time a year.


This platform gave a new look and a new opportunity to this business. We are glad to know that we helped on a business that is growing through this particular tough time.

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