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A complete application that allows you to centralize employee contact and event details and make them available to the entire organization.

The Product


This product was made by us! Decode has been operating in Portugal since 2019. We are part of the MoOngy universe, a multinational group, present in several European countries and with +20 associated brands in the most diverse sectors.


We wanted to create a mobile app where you could have all your employees contacts and centralize all the events that the organization has so that all can know what’s happening in those days.

The Market


An app where you could create an event, invite people and other people in the organization can participate and see if there are events on the specific month.


We focused on getting all the features and at the same time kept it simple and clean, so it could be a very friendly application.


Since the app was straightforward we could develop this app with ease and test it with no problems.

The Results


Since this product was made by us, we could evaluate the cost and manage the effort of our collaborators so that we could make a quality and usable product.


Easy to use and with centralized information, we tried to obtain a simple application and at the same time with all the information arranged in an easy and concise way in the user's hands.

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