Silhouette of a man that perceives a mysterious and encrypted message, that needs to be decode to decipher the message.





The best moments of the year.

DECODE in hindsight!

They say that life is made of moments and that these should always be remembered and that is why we share the most memorable ones for DECODE in 2022.

We were highlighted in the top 10 of the Excellence Index, resulting from a philosophy of valuing, taking responsibility, and trusting our human capital.

We let the numbers speak for ourselves in the 2022 Deployment, results that fill us with pride and that make us continue to want to do more and better.

We showed that there are more and more girls who belong to the IT world at DECODE, a plurality that helps us grow every day.

We were present on Rádio do Observador on the importance of Work Life Integration with our Executive Director, João Reis Fernandes.

In June, we launched another “DECODERS on the Move” with the objective of covering 1000 km during the 30 days of the month. Because ambition is our middle name.

We showed that at DECODE it's not just work and that the space for fun is fundamental with our fun time and lifestyle items.

We know that helping others is fundamental and we were responsible for several solidarity initiatives throughout the year, such as donating toys and the Solidarity Tournament.

We launched a website “from another universe” because we always like to reach higher and higher to any challenge that is proposed to us.

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary together with those who help us grow: our decoders.

We showed that we are accelerating the digitization of companies through low-code, an area that promotes technological development.

These were some of the moments that marked us and that show the path that DECODE has been taking over these three years. Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed to our growth and may many more victories come alongside those who make this all possible: our DECODERS!