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An Intelligente Marketing Automation web app, where companies can automate email marketing intelligently.

The Product


Thalox is a German company which focuses more on helping marketing managers to predict customer behavior using their Engagement Score as an AI based add-on for HubSpot.


It was a challenge since they went to us with this idea of presenting their product on WebSummit and we were 1 month away from it. We always worked with them by our side and kept in touch when we needed help or they needed to change something, we always worked with the customer.

The Market


As they needed something to show at WebSummit, we designed a solution where they always had the final word for the designed and the flows that we did for the prototype that they’ve shown on WebSummit.  


This project was done on Figma where we did the various flows that they needed to demonstrate their product for possible investors and clients that they wanted to attract on this massive event that is WebSummit.

The Results


They only wanted a way to show their product so we gave a solution that only involved 2 designers to get the flow right and design a clean and simple interface to navigate through. Resulting in a low cost to get this project done.


They loved our solution and their presentation was a success, resulting in a happy client and a bright future for this project.

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