5-6 months
Low-code Solutions


We wanted to go to space and make it part of our culture here at Decode. A new Image with new challenges.

The Product


Decode operates in Portugal since 2019. We are part of the MoOngy universe, a multinational group, present in several European countries and with +20 associated brands in the most diverse sectors.


With this decision to change our image, we also decided to use a new tool for the development of this project, Webflow. A low-code tool that gives designers the ability to also be able to develop websites, without having to write code.

The Market


We are capable of going further, so we decided to go into space and show you what it's like to be an astronaut. We changed our image and went after change, being different and achieving goals never thought of before. We went to space!


Our designers thought of elements that would float when we were browsing the site. These elements are related to space and various animations to make the site more interesting and different.


The development was done with Webflow where our designers were also able to do this part. First, a study was made on what could be done and how, at the same time it was a learning of a completely new tool.

The Results


As this product was made by us, we were able to assess the cost and manage the efforts of our employees so that we could make a quality and usable product.


A new site with a new face from Decode, with a new tool the result was beyond what was expected and very positive.

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