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Ríver do Belém

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A website and an application for an association and futsal team in Brazil, within the framework of Decode ON.

The Product


Ríver is a futsal association and team, which has focused more on helping people and being present in social events and captivating the vision of young people in helping others. They don't just want to be a futsal team, but also an inspiration for younger generations.


With this new image of the association, they want to focus more on the social part and show the events in which they are inserted, captivating more people to join the association. Show the games that will be held, news from the association and the milestones that have been made throughout its history.

The Market


They don't just want to show themselves in being a futsal team, but also show that they care about the social part in which the association is involved. Show your social actions and encourage your players to care about helping others. The application is more focused on players and coaches, where they can see their games from their categories where they are inserted or see all River games, see club news, see their profile and see their statistics.


We paid attention to what their objective was and tried to place more emphasis on the social part. We took a more trending and different approach than they had before and made the new home on the River a more interesting place.


The development was done with Webflow where our designers were also able to do this part. From the beginning of the project they already knew what they were going to develop, so when they were designing, they already knew what they needed to do on the development side. The application was also made on a low-code platform called AppGyver, where our designers could also develop it.

The Results


Webflow and AppGyver facilitated the process between design and development, as designers are able to develop these platforms by facilitating and streamlining the delivery process of these products.


They now have a new website in which they identify themselves more and an application for their players to be aware of their statistics and their Ríver association games.

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