1 year
Software Development


A nutrition platform to centralize information: manage daily work and resources, schedule appointments, calculate nutrition goals, etc. Clients can monitor results progress to achieve set results.

The Product


OneBalance is a new platform for the portuguese company NutriBalance, they are the most known company in the field of nutrition and weight loss. It has years of experience in this market and is already well known in Portugal.


This was our first big project, so on the first meeting with them they told us they wanted to centralize all their information into one place. Their appointments, their clients' information, so that their nutritionists work would be done with more ease. Their clients would have an app to keep track of their weight and follow their plans that the nutritionist did for them.

The Market


One of the things that they already told us was to get their information all centralized in one place, in this way their work would be easily done. This platform has 4 users, an admin, that has the overall vision of the company, the nutritionist, that deals with the problems of the and do the follow-up of their clients, the receptionist, does the nutrition consultation appointments and can create clients and the client that has a mobile app for follow and put their informations of their evolution.


They conceived a wireframe made by them and using it they explained to us what they wanted as a platform. We gathered all the information that we needed and started the process of UX design, validated with the client and started doing the UI and after the prototype where we showed it to the client to validate our work.


After the client gave us the green light on the design, the development team started their process of work. With daily meetings and doing sprints, the development team tested and revised with the design team every aspect of the platform so we could give them the best result.

The Results


This was our first big project and with that we gathered a team of professionals capable of doing this project with expertise and on time. Always keep in touch with the client so that he could be involved in every step that we had done.


The client was satisfied with the result and so their nutritionists. We help them on a struggle that they noticed and now they have a solution, which helps them a lot.

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