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A mobile app for your tasks where you can categorize them and put it on your calendar.

The Product


This product was made by us! Decode has been operating in Portugal since 2019. We are part of the MoOngy universe, a multinational group, present in several European countries and with +20 associated brands in the most diverse sectors.


We thought of a mobile app where you could put all your tasks from your work and from your daily life into one app, and follow all through it.

The Market


Having an application where we had all our tasks in one place, so that we could categorize and follow them whenever we wanted.


We focused on getting all the features and at the same time kept it simple and clean, so it could be a very friendly application.


Since the app was straightforward we could develop this app with ease and test it with no problems.

The Results


Since this product was made by us, we could evaluate the cost and manage the effort of our collaborators so that we could make a quality and usable product.


A friendly application where you can take all your tasks from your daily life and work into only one place, categorize and keep track of each category.

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