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A Web platform for the employees of the MoOngy group, which allows viewing of certificates, assessments, exams, benefits, skills and their respective levels.

The Product


MoOngy is a group of other companies that their focus is on Digital and Engineering, where they act on various fields such as, energy, financial, health, IT, railway, aeronautics, etc.


They wanted to have a platform that would include all the employees of the group, to get the information about their certificates, assessments, exams, benefits, skills and their respective levels. In addition to viewing, there is the possibility of adding new ones and importing Excel with information that can be added to the platform.

The Market


We were responsible for the design and the development of this project. We started by understanding their needs through the briefings and meetings with the client.  


After the positive feedback from the client, we started the processes of UX design and doing the information architecture for the platform. We designed all the processes and the UI proposal with Figma and the client always had the final word as we went through the project.


This platform was developed using OutSystems, a tool that we work on various projects and we have a dedicated team for it. After the agreement of the design the OutSystems devs started working on it.

The Results


As we are OutSystems partners, we allocated some employees from OutSystems keeping the project budget relatively low.


A platform where all certifications, assessments, exams, benefits, skills and respective levels can be viewed and where they can add more and edit. In addition, they can also filter by each company in the group.

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