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New website for a Portuguese foundation called INATEL.

The Product


The INATEL Foundation is the institution that succeeded, after the revolution of April 25, 1974, the National Foundation for Joy at Work, which had been created in 1935. occupying the free and leisure time of young people, workers, seniors, families and communities through sustainable proposals in all areas of its intervention.


The foundation came to us with the intention of rebranding the site. They gave us the design they wanted and what we only had to do was the website development part.

The Market


The INATEL foundation is already known in Portugal, so much so that they think it's time to change its image a little. Beginning of the year, new face to show its audience and the news that the foundation makes available.


Development started as soon as the client gave us the design they had for the new website. Once the files were passed, our developers always had to work according to the agile methodology and whenever there was any doubt, the client was ready to answer any questions.

The Results


We were able to reduce the cost, as we didn't have to do the design part. The customer already had that part done and simply gave it to us and it was forwarded to our developers to follow up with this project.


They started the year with a new face and image, in which they will be able to show what's new to their target audience.

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