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A web platform for veterinary clinics, focusing on scheduling appointments, attracting clients and treating conservation animals. And also an application for customers.

The Product


This product was made by us! Decode has been operating in Portugal since 2019. We are part of the MoOngy universe, a multinational group, present in several European countries and with +20 associated brands in the most diverse sectors.


Pets are part of the family, so we need to take care of them. As we discovered that there aren’t any platforms open to the public about the health of our pets, we decided to make one from scratch.

The Market


This platform is focused on veterinary clinics and is supposed to make appointments, keep track of information of an animal, create a new animal, create a client profile, keep track of the state of the business, creation of services and medicines. In terms of the application, it is more focused on customers where they can make appointments, view information about their pets and create new pet profiles.


We talked to some veterinarians to know what information might be relevant and what could be more important to put into the platform when we went to design it. We opted for a simple and easy-to-interact approach, where it will be possible to view the desired information on the screen.


After we designed the platform we got to develop it. There were questions and some refinements that were done in the process, but we got through it and we finished with success.

The Results


Since this product was made by us, we could evaluate the cost and manage the effort of our collaborators so that we could make a quality and usable product.


We created a web platform for veterinary clinics, focusing on booking appointments, adding clients and associating your pets.

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