Silhouette of a man that perceives a mysterious and encrypted message, that needs to be decode to decipher the message.





A breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean and the Cape Verde. Congratulations Ailen!

Photochallenge. The most creative photography with Decode accessories is…

Decode wanted its employees to be able to express themselves artistically and creatively and, as such, created an open challenge to any element that was part of the team. The # PhotoChallenge implied that photos were taken with company equipment. The ones that stood out the most were published on social media, and our followers had the opportunity to vote for the one that was top tier!


The eight selected ones had approaches for all tastes, as you can see here: from backpacks watching the sunset or going to the beach, sweats relaxing by the pool, and bags that served as baskets for cats... we had a lot of options, but the winner was...



With a breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean and the Cape Verde an territory from the cockpit of an airplane, Ailen Lima (Scrum Master) was the winner! Congratulations, Aileen!