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The event promoted physical activity and the well-being

Decoders in action at the Corrida do Tejo 2022

On the 18th of September, the 41st Corrida do Tejo took place. This sporting event was the motto for bringing together a part of the team in an action that promoted physical activity and well-being — fundamental pillars of the Work-Life Integration policy in practice at Decode.

From space, we descended to land, and for 10 km we had the opportunity to complete a route that went from the Algés seafront to Torre beach, in Carcavelos. By running or walking, we reached the end with a smile on our faces. Another goal accomplished!

By participating in the Corrida do Tejo, we have increased the number of annual Corporate Social Responsibility actions in which we participate. We are putting into practice, together with other companies of the MoOngy group of which we are part, measures that support the well-being and healthy lifestyles of our employees.