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Decode more than triple revenue in 2021

Decode earned 1.9 million euros in 2021, an increase of more than three times the value recorded in the previous year: 580 thousand euros. With only two years of existence, the IT company has also been increasing the number of employees, which is now set at 70. Among the goals set for this year are the increase in turnover to 3 million euros and the arrival of 90 employees.

“Decode managed to prosper in one of the most difficult years for the global economy and reverse the trend in the job market”, says João Reis Fernandes, Executive Director of Decode. “Companies and organizations are aware of the importance of digital transformation in their services to ensure their competitiveness and, as such, we work to ensure that they can respond to these challenges”.

The development of solutions and the training of new talents, through the academies supported by its Solutions area, are the engines of growth registered in 2021 and which will continue to be worked on throughout this year. In March, the unit makes its first closed project available, for a company in ​​the health and nutrition area. In the first half of the year, its first product will also be launched - Up4Biz, a platform for companies that allows 360º management of employees, customers, and business opportunities. Health Paw, Foodwise, Decode ON Açúcar à Bolinhas, and Decode Lifestyle will be the achievements to be presented until June. These projects benefit from Decode's commitment to Webflow, a low code SaaS platform used for the development and hosting of interactive websites. Its powerful resources allow the designers of the Digital Experiences team to design, develop, and deliver projects in a complete way, without depending on other teams.

Reaches top 10 in the Excellence Index

The Innovation and Technology company conquered, once again, a place in the Excellence Index: it secured the 9th. position it had already reached the previous year. This Index assesses internal satisfaction in companies and its main objective is to analyze the Human Resources practices in force. The presence on this list represents the best that has been made on the company's organizational culture – integration and leadership practices, work climate, and people management.

Decode is implementing a work-life integration strategy among its employees to promote well-being and happiness associated with work. The integration between the personal and professional fields intends to make work an increasingly relaxed ecosystem and to deepen social relationships between colleagues. It recently announced that it is implementing a work decentralization strategy, in which its employees will be able to choose not only where they want to work from, but also their schedules, based on customer needs. This option will come into force in the first half of 2022 and will be implemented gradually to assess its effectiveness.

“We are constantly working on measures that promote the satisfaction of our employees, promoting a working atmosphere that serves as a reference and is recognized as such”, says João Reis Fernandes. “Participation in the Excellence Index since the first year that Decode emerged shows the preponderance, we give to the people who are with us”.