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Decode launches new business areas and increases team

Due to its growth in the first five months, Decode has been consolidating its offer and team. Our aim is to promote an agile and flexible response to digital transformation challenges, and to deliver strategic growth to client companies. We have updated our services offer that is now settled in three main areas: Software Development (Web & Mobile), Data Strategy (Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics) and Digital Experiencies (User Interface - UI & User Experience - UX). Two senior staff reinforce the Decode team, which already exceeds 20 employees.

On the Software Development area we propose the development of business solutions for Web and Mobile. The Data Strategy area is divided into Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. It provides strategic innovation processes through the extraction of data in real time and the creation of algorithms (Artificial Intelligence) that can predict future scenarios and assist in the definition of KPIs and companies' business strategies. Digital Experiences area is transversal to the business and asserts itself through UX Lab and Design Solutions. Within the UX Lab, the customers' business is studied to explore new opportunities through heuristic analysis and usability tests. The Design Solutions sub-area focuses on the presentation and interaction layer of a product.

To lead and leverage the strategic positioning of the offer our team received two new experienced professionals. Roberto Maccabelli, with over 10 years of experience in the areas of Business Intelligence and Big Data as Operations and Product Management, arrives at the company to assume the position of Solutions Director at Decode. The staff is also reinforced with Teresa Deus, Lead in the Digital Experiences area. With a 10-year career in the area, she was the main driver of the creation of the new sub-areas.