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Decode launches low-code area to accelerate SME digitalization

Low-code area accelerates product and service development.

Decode launched a low-code area to promote faster applicability of digitization to companies and businesses of all sizes, with a focus on SMEs. This technology requires little or no code and is an alternative that maximizes efficiency, lowers costs and accelerates the development of products and services.
Decode's low-code area solves digital challenges with Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP) for large organizations and Small and Medium Low-Code Application Platform (SMCAP) for SMEs. With more cost-effective, faster-executing tools, companies' effectiveness and ROI increases, which is critical in today's challenging macroeconomic scenario.
By using solutions such as Webflow (web development), AppGyver (iOS/Android furniture), Bubble (digital solutions) for SMEs and Outsystems for companies with another type of dimension, Decode provides high impact to the business and with a shorter development time than a traditional code project. In 2022, it has already implemented web and mobile platforms for six brands with low and no-code solutions.
“The urgency of digital transformation is greater than the delivery capacity of organizations, which compromises time-to-work.” says João Reis Fernandes, Executive Director of Decode. “A delicate economic period like the one we are facing forces companies' productivity to reach high levels. Low-code makes it possible to accelerate development, while responding to the growing shortage of professionals in the IT market. The purpose of this bet is twofold. On the one hand, it allows us to shorten the learning curve in technologies aimed at building enterprise applications. On the other hand, it also serves to reduce execution time, creating products and solutions faster, in a world where demand is constant and high”.
According to Gartner, by 2025, about 70% of applications developed by companies will have low-code or no-code technologies, a number well above the 25% registered in 2020. Low-code reinforces Decode's technological offer, which includes Software Development, Business Intelligence, Big Data, User Experience and User Interface.