Silhouette of a man that perceives a mysterious and encrypted message, that needs to be decode to decipher the message.





Decode has a new website. And it is "from another universe"

“Imagination takes us to infinity” is the slogan

Under the slogan “imagination takes us to infinity”, Decode launched a new website with an image based on the space. The graphic and textual identity takes the user to “a new universe”, with a narrative created in this sense.

The justification for this choice is the effort dedicated by the team to the projects and services that the company undertakes with its customers and which is materialized in final products that “reach higher and higher”.

The website is in line with the strategy applied to the projects that Decode has been developing: is simple, aesthetic, and functional. It is grounded in a strong concept and a robust and scalable architecture.

It is segmented into seven points: “About us”, “Services”, “Expertise”, “Projects”, “Careers”, and “News”.