Indice Excelencia


This Index assesses internal satisfaction in companies and its main objective is to analyze the Human Resources practices in force. The presence on this list represents the commitment that has been made to the company's organizational culture – integration and leadership practices, work climate, and people management. It is developed by Neves de Almeida HR Consulting in partnership with Human Resources Portugal, Executive Digest, and ISCTE Executive Education. Its main objective is to analyze the current Human Resources practices and allow a comparison with the benchmark, becoming an important management tool for the participating organizations.

The result in the top 10 of the Excellence Index results from a philosophy of appreciation, accountability, and trust in Decode's human capital. Since its inception, the company has promoted remote work. More recently, it started to implement a work-life integration strategy to promote well-being and happiness associated with work. The strategy involves the decentralization of work, in which its employees will be able to choose not only where they want to work, but also their schedules, according to the needs of customers. This option will come into force in the first half of 2022 and will be implemented gradually to assess its effectiveness.