Parceria Decode XBC4IT (1)

Transatlantic partnership between Decode and XBC4IT

Decode started a partnership with XBC4IT, a technology consultant company from São Paulo, Brazil. The connection allows the Portuguese company to be reinforced with experienced and highly certified professionals that work in a mature market. Ten employees are already working in Strategic Consulting in a Nearshore regime for clients in Europe. They will also increase Decode responsiveness in Software Development, Data Strategy and Digital Experiences. By the end of 2021, the number of employees involved is expected to grow to 20.

The transatlantic “bridge” reinforces Decode with specialized talent, in a phase of accelerated digitization of the economy, post-pandemic market restructuring and in a context of lack of professionals of Innovation and Technology in Europe. The arrival of these professionals will help the development of the Turnkey projects area of ​​the brand based in Portugal. It will have the delivery of a solution in the second half of the year.

XBC4IT was established in 2020 and is headquartered at the Swiss Park Office, Av. António Artioli, 570, Campinas, São Paulo. Its experienced team in strategic consultancy works 100% remotely, preserving your security against the pandemic, at times that follow the client's country of origin.

According to João Reis Fernandes, Executive Director of Decode “The partnership with XBC4IT enables Decode to continue to grow in terms of responsiveness and experience. We have established a bridge that will unite two continents and bring interesting technological challenges into contact with professionals who work in a highly developed market. A first step in a connection that we believe has great potential has been taken”.