Deploy Results

Revenue of 580.000 euros in Decode's first fiscal year

Decode grew at all levels in 2020. It reported a revenue of 580.000 euros and a team of 36 professionals in the first fiscal year. These are values ​​over the 450.000 euros and 30 employees projected. The results were announced to the team at the Deploy event.

Throughout the last year, Decode built the pillars for the growth that it expects to have in 2021.  It developed innovative applications and invested in the training of new technology professionais, through the creation of academies supported by its Solutions area. During the first year, about eight applications were developed within the Decode ecosystem, as well as two additional applications under the Decode ON Corporate Social Responsibility program. Twelve professionals were trained and entered in the professional life from partner entities such as ISTEC, Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Recodme and Academia de Código. During the year the 36 professionals of the company granted 33 technical certifications and 44 training courses.

In 2021, Decode expects to reach 2.3 million euros in revenue and 60 professionals engaged in the Digital Transformation of companies. The ambition of a strong increase in revenue is based on the preparation work carried out last year, in the confidence of having an offer supported by a service model (Turn-Key or On Demand) suited to the digitalization challenges of companies, in the realization of the first Turn-Key projects, in the establishment of a strategic partnership in the Brazilian market and in the launch of the product Up4Biz. This Data Driven platform, already in use at Decode, accelerates the decision-making process and the development of new businesses. It will be marketed from the second quarter of the year and is scalable to any company that needs to simplify its management processes and maximize results. The investment on the Decode ON program will continue to be made with the assistance of four new entities at zero cost, one of them international.