Lucimar Decode On

Corporate Social Responsibility Program Decode ON helps Lucimar Restaurant

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program has a new aided entity: Restaurante Lucimar. This Decode ON edition was completed in two months with volunteer work by the Decode team helped a small business particularly affected by the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The goal of the Decode ON program for Restaurante Lucimar was to create a digital presence that officially aggregates all its information. Before, it was dispersed in several digital applications such as Facebook, Zomato and Trip Advisor.

The Lucimar Restaurant website has its own concept, visual identity and support for several languages. It is possible to take a look to the complete menu of dishes, drinks and wines. In a future phase, you will also have the option of placing Take Away orders using a simple form.

For this small business, the Decode team developed a CMS in Umbraco that makes it possible to change / add any information visible on the site. It involved the work of a multidisciplinary team (team leader, UX / UI intern, frontend developer, software architect and software developer).

The restaurant suffered a lot from the impact of the pandemic and with the platform developed under the Decode ON program, it will be able to be closer to current customers and especially to attract new ones.

Decode ON is a Social Responsibility program that aims to help individual entrepreneurs, small companies or non-profit associations. The digital transformation of the businesses involved in the initiative is carried out by Decode professionals at zero cost.