Plataforma E Commerce

Decode develops e-commerce platform to boost SME business

Decode developed a turn-key solution that aims to give more visibility and, consequently, guarantee the increase of sales to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). In a phase of social distancing, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it became imperative to organizations to digitize their processes in order to be closer to current and future customers. The platform is already implemented and benefiting the company Cantinho da Tia Chalupa, specialized in the manufacture and sale of snacks and sweets.

This e-commerce platform was implemented in an Umbraco content management system. This tool allows the editing of contents, which can be managed from a back office, that is, it allows the contents to be inserted / edited, creating multiple products by the customer.

The Decode team of this project, being multidisciplinary, was composed of team leaders, frontend developers, backend developers, designers and analysts focused on achieving the goals with high levels of creativity and innovation. In addition, in the context of the Decode Academies, two young graduates were also integrated in the realization of this project in order to consolidate their hard-skills, promote insertion in professional life and develop communication skills and team spirit.

The platform's architecture was developed in an agile and modular way, which allows it to easily adapt to the needs of entrepreneurs and customers. This service digitization process also involved increased work in terms of SEO and analytics. And the user experience, as well as its design, has been carefully crafted.

This solution fits into the three areas of action of Decode: Software Development, Data Strategy and Digital Experiencies, in which the mission is to digitize and increase the turnover of entrepreneurial initiatives such as Cantinho da Tia Chalupa.