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A custom software development service can help your company create specific solutions to meet your business needs.

From mobile applications to database management systems, a software development service can create solutions that improve efficiency, increase productivity, and help reduce costs.

Main stages of the software development process

Requirements gathering
Gathering information and requirements from the client and/or end users, in order to understand what the software should do and what features and functionalities should be included. This ensures that the developed software is fully tailored to the client's needs.
We carefully analyze the requirements gathered to understand how the software can be designed and built to meet the client's requirements. Our team determines the most appropriate solutions for the client's specific needs.
We define the software architecture and create a detailed plan for software implementation. We define how the user interface will be, how data will be stored, how information will be processed, and other issues to ensure that the final result is of high quality.
Our development team writes the code based on the specifications defined in the design phase. We use the best programming languages and specific tools to create the software.
We ensure the quality of the software by performing rigorous tests of functionality, performance, security, and other tests to ensure that everything is working correctly and meets the client's requirements.
Deployment and maintance
After the software is tested and approved, we deploy and make it available for use by end users. We can also perform bug fixes, security updates, performance enhancements, and other necessary updates.

Main technologies used in software development

Programming languages
C#, Java, Javascript
SQL Server, Postgres, MongoDB
Frameworks Backend
.Net Core, Node.js, Spring Boot
React Native
Frameworks Frontend



Cantinho da Tia Chalupa

Tia Chalupa's Corner is an e-commerce platform for online ordering of cakes, snacks, sweets, and meals.

Cantinho da Tia Chalupa


A nutrition platform to centralize information, manage daily work and resources, schedule consultations, calculate nutrition goals, etc. Clients can view progress towards achieving their defined results.

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Working with Decode was an excellent experience. They understood our vision and created a high-quality and robust software solution.
João Pedro Aguiar, OneBalance
Hiring Decode's custom software development service was one of the best decisions we made.
João Pedro Aguiar, HealthPaw
We are extremely satisfied with the custom software development service provided by Decode. They were fast, efficient, and always willing to help.
João Pedro Aguiar, Cantinho da Tia Chalupa

Get greater flexibility in application development with the low-code approach.