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What we do

Our low-code area exists to significantly reduce the time and cost of application development, as well as to achieve greater flexibility and customization in the development process.

Low-code technology is ideal for companies of all sizes looking for agile and customized solutions to meet their business needs.

Main stages used by the team in project creation

Low-code technology for personalized and intuitive website and application development.
A high-capacity web application development platform with high levels of customization and integration capabilities.
A platform that offers a variety of tools and resources to develop native apps for iOS and Android.
Low-code platform that allows you to create complex and scalable applications in record time.



Website da Adentis

Initially, it was just a redesign of the company's website, but it turned into a rebranding of the entire office.

The need was to redesign the website, showcase their expertise in the technology sector, and demonstrate the value of the highly qualified human capital they are capable of attracting.

Website Adentis

Website da XBC

A fully responsive website for our partner XBC4IT.

The challenge was to revamp their website and have a fresh new look, so they could have a more professional approach towards potential clients.

The experience of those who have already transformed their business with Low-Code

Hiring Decode's low-code service was the best decision we made for our company. They helped us reduce our development costs.
João Pedro Aguiar, XBC
With low-code, our company was able to create solutions more quickly and efficiently. The team at Decode provided us with an easy-to-use platform and excellent support.
João Pedro Aguiar, Ríver do Belém
The low-code platform is perfect for companies that need customized solutions but do not have technical resources to develop them internally. We are very satisfied!
João Pedro Aguiar, Adentis

Get greater flexibility in application development with the low-code approach.

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